Are you currently planning an upcoming spiritual workshop, seminar or retreat? Here are a few helpful tips to assist you.

Ask for Input

It pays to acquire some input when planning a retreat, seminar or religious education event. Even a brief survey (it is possible to try for free) of a few of your likely participants or event registrants can help you find out exactly what people want to gain in the event. Provide the people the things they want, plus they are sure to be back for much more.

Try to include as many as you can -- but only in the event the suggestions are relevant to the material and feasible to accomplish while it is unlikely that you'll incorporate all participant suggestions.

Say It together with Pictures

Images displayed on a blank wall or a hung white sheet captivate can inspire, provoke, launch in-depth discussions or encourage deep introspection.

With digital photography, it is easy to put together a beautiful and quick slide show of photographs taken throughout the event. Set it to music that was relevant, and you are good to go.

Give 'Em Some Space

Seek to strike a balance - too much down time can lead to fraternizing that takes from the meaning of the event, but participants can be exhausted by too little free time. Use some intuition and common sense to discover the balance that is perfect.

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